To the Python Community, Thank you for the FOSDEM !

Python ?? Comments 19 February 2013

How everything started

In September, I was at PyConFR 2012 with Ludovic Gasc and Christophe Simonis and we discussed about an hypothetical event in Belgium.

I said, and why not at FOSDEM 2013?

At beginning, Ludovic was thinking of a small joke but in fact it wasn’t.

First point

I began to make contact with some members of the FOSDEM team, the AFPy, and send some emails to the right contacts.

But this adventure was not easy to create.

  • Contact the FOSDEM team and ask a devroom and wait for the result
  • Contact a lot of potential speakers
  • Create the website
  • Create the committee
  • Select the talks
  • Publish the schedule
  • Wait for the FOSDEM ;-)

And I just announced this event on Hacker News This experience was really rewarding.

And now, it’s a great adventure

To the Python Community, Thank You !

I would like to tell thank you to everybody !

With your presence, this event has been a real great success.

I was very impressed and honored to meet you

Thank you so much !

Alain Meurant

You and Affinitic are a great sponsor with your involvements in the Python community. I was so happy to see your support at this event with your sponsorship. I worked with him at Aragne at the beginning of Python in Belgium (in the early 2000s).

Thank you for your help.

Alexis Métaireau

I met you at the PyConFR 2012 at Paris and you are a good guy. I discussed with you about Werkzeug, Pelican and Cornice.

For this event, you proposed a talk about the good practices for a dummy in Python. During your talk, the room was full ;-)

Thank you,

Andrea Crotti

Thank you for your talk about the “TDD from scratch”. This talk is still important and useful that apply to everyone (beginners or experts) because you show the basis of a good product / component. And sometimes, we forget those important details.

Benoit Chesneau

This is the first time wherein I can discuss with you about gunicorn and gaffer. The last time was at the pyconfr 2010, you showed the development of gunicorn and I was impressed by the project and your technical skill.

Now, we discuss via irc or twitter and I appreciate our discussion.

Thank you,

Brian Curtin

I don’t know you but thank you for your post on the PyCon blog.

Christophe Chauvet

In the first place, you wanted to be in the PostgreSQL devroom, but after the first talk you stayed in the Python devroom.

Thank you for your help in the devroom.

Hope to see you at a next OpenERP event.

Christophe Simonis

My friend for 8 years, he was with Ludovic and me at PyConFR 2012. He helped me for the “Python @ FOSDEMwebsite. From start to finish you were with me for this event. Thank you so much.

Eric Vernichon

Hi dude,

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate to see you at this event. Hope to see you at a next OpenERP event.

Gael Pasgrimaud

The financial officer of the “Association Francophone Python”. He managed the sponsoring from the Python Software Foundation and

Jonas Geiregat

Before this week-end, I had just discussed via email, irc or twitter but not face to face. I really appreciate his work for this edition.

Thank you.

For the next edition, would you be interested to organize with us ?

Kenneth Hoste

Your talk on EasyBuild was very interesting. We will see us at a future in Belgium.

Kenneth Reitz

Thank you dude, you have received my email about this hypothetical event, and you said me “Yes, I will go to FOSDEM”.

Imagine this developer, he works for Heroku in California and he tells me, “yes I come”, it’s wonderful, awesome !

Thank you so much but I have one regret :( I didn’t tell you face to face ! Hope to see you in a future event and thank you again.

Lionel Dricot

Hi Ploum, Mister ploum, I like to read your articles on your blog and now your G+ account !

You were the first speaker to present your talk and I think that it wasn’t easy for you. I have really appreciated your presence at this Python @ FOSDEM.

Ludovic Gasc

Until the week-end of the FOSDEM, this guy does not know whether can help me for the event because his wife was pregnant.

I think you have a great gift my friend, a great success for the Python @ FOSDEM 2013 and you are daddy ;-)

Welcome in the Daddy club.

Marc-André Lemburg (PSF)

Thank you, I didn’t know you before this event, we discuss about a financial help from the Python Software Foundation. Sincerely, thank you.

Michel Cervello

Thank you for your talk on Plone.

Nelle Varoquaux

Thank you Nelle, you has been awesome, you saved my life ;-) You know why, because there was a missing speaker, and you gave an unprepared talk.

Really, Respect !

That was really nice to have a woman in the speakers’ group.

Ryan Faulkner

Thank you for your talk, I didn’t discuss with you but I appreciate your talk.

Sandro Munda

It was the first talk for this young dev, your talk was really interesting and now you have a small community to help you for the development of your talk. Great, continue !

Saul Ibarra Corretgé

This guy knows his subject, there is no secret for him about the gevent, pyuv. I didn’t discuss with you but I had a lot of questions about pyuv. Hope to see you at the next edition.

Tarek Ziadé

Tarek, who not know this python dev ? You have proposed to give a t-shirt to the speakers, this idea was original and appreciated by the speakers.

You were a member of the committee, thank you for your help and advice.

Thank you for the wine bottle, I will taste it with my family in few months.

Thierry Carrez

You have been surprised to receive a t-shirt and a package of belgian chocolate. Thank you for your talk about OpenStack and the jobs in this section.

Victor Stinner

Your talk on the AST was really awesome, You did not know if you could come because you hurt your back.

Thank you so much for your talk !

Hope to see you at the next PyCon FR ;-)

Vincent Driessen

I used his code with Python-RQ and RQ-Dashboard, I have read his blog post about the git workflow.

He was honored to be contacted by us and meet a lot of famous members of the Python Community.

Thank you and I have a dinner for you ;-) I didn’t forget.

Ralf Hildebrandt, Sjoerd Mullender

Thank your for the mailing lists (

Juan Batiz-Benet

No news, I hope that everything goes well for him, but thank you for your talk.

Till von Ahnen

I was really sad for him because he had a car accident, I’m really sorry for you :(

And for the next edition ?

  • A larger room ;-)
  • A stand for the Python Language and the PSF
  • A lot of goodies (t-shirts, mug, flyers, stickers, cuddly toy, …)
  • A dinner with Python Community.

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