EuroPython 2014

Python ?? Comments 14 May 2014

Hi all,

In July, there will be the biggest conference for the Python Community in Europe and it will take place in July 2014 in Berlin in the Berlin Congress Center.

I will be at this conference, I have my flight, my hotel and my ticket for this famous event and I hope to see you to exchange a lot of ideas on several subjects, for example: gunicorn, cpython, flask, sqlalchemy, and a lot of interesting topics.

I think I will participate to the gunicorn sprint with Benoit Chesneau and if there is a CPython sprint, I would like to participate to this sprint.

I will be very happy to meet you during this conference.

And there is an other reason of my participation to the EuroPython, in the future, I would like to organize the EuroPython conference in Belgium.

If you want to reach me, you can use my twitter account.

EuroPython 2014

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