EuroPython 2014

Python ?? Comments 31 July 2014

What’s EuroPython? EuroPython is the biggest Python event in Europe and the two first editions occurred in Belgium, Charleroi, my hometown.

For this edition, the place was at the Berlin Congress Center aka BCC, from July 21-27.

EuroPython 2014

There is a reason why I like to go to events, you can meet a lot of talented developers and discuss with them and EuroPython is the right place to be.

I was really proud to be at EuroPython for this edition, I could discuss with the organisers and become a member of the EuroPython Society.

If you want to go to the event, you need to buy your ticket because there is a limited number of seats. Ticket bought, at the beginning of July, I received my Badge by mail, on which you will find your full name, the days of the conference, and a free access to the public transport of Berlin. Really appreciated.

Hotel booked, Flight booked and my badge in my pocket, let’s go to Berlin ;-)

Arrived in Berlin, you can take a bus (TXL), the terminus is AlexanderPlatz where my hotel and the BCC are located. 2,60€ for the travel, but with your EuroPython badge, you have a free access, awesome!

On Sunday, I went to the BCC to receive my definitive badge and confirm my presence to the event. Once arrived at the BCC, you discover the building, the event, the volunteers and the team of EuroPython. You know, there is this little word for that “Wouahhhhhh”.

Each day of the week, there was a breakfast for the attendees, a lunch and a lot of coffee breaks.

On Monday, first day, once in the BCC, we received a bag with the t-shirt and some discounts, documents, and the programme of the event.

And we have started EuroPython with a lot of talks, the first one was “One year of Snowden, what’s next?” by Constanze Kurz.

As I like to use Erlang for some developments, I have attended to the talk of Bob Ippolito “What can Python learn from Haskell?”. This talk has been really useful for the Python community, because we learned that Python is not perfect and we can improve it with the ideas of others projects.

I will not give you the details of each talks, because I was not present for each one, but some talks were really awesome.

I have appreciated the keynote of Pieter Hintjens “Our decentralized future”. I have met Pieter at FOSDEM during the Beer Event on Friday. This guy is really awesome, he has a very open mind and you can discuss for hours with him.

With the events sponsored by RhodeCode, or organised by Google, you can meet a lot of talented developers.

For example, on Monday, RhodeCode organised a Hiring event.

And on Tuesday, I was at the Computer Games Museum of Berlin organised by Google.

On Wednesday, there was the dinner of EuroPython, sponsored by RhodeCode.

I remember I was in the main room “C01” and I was wondering “ok, man, it’s not the PythonFOSDEM, it’s more important, how will you organise this kind of event” and at this moment, you understand you have a lot of steps before the creation of your own edition of the EuroPython.

But I started to learn, and now I am a member of the EuroPython Society and I am going to learn from the inside.

A little issue, the protection for the badge, but I think the organisers are already aware of it. Honestly, I could not do better. For me, this edition of EuroPython is a real success.

FYI, this year, there have been 1226 attendees.

I would like to thank the organisers.

Your edition of the EuroPython was really amazing!

Best regards,

Stephane Wirtel,

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