The Python Community will be represented during FOSDEM 2017 with the Python Devrooms. This year, we will have two devrooms, the first one for 150 people on Saturday and the second one for 450 people on Sunday, it’s really cool because we had accepted 24 talks instead of 16.

This is the official call for sessions for the Python devroom at FOSDEM 2017 from 4th to 5th February 2017.

FOSDEM is the Free and Open source Software Developer’s European Meeting, a free and non-commercial two-day week-end that offers open source contributors a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

It’s the biggest event in Europe with +5000 hackers, +400 speakers.

For this edition, Python will be represented by its Community. If you want to discuss with a lot of Python Users, it’s the place to be!

Here is the schedule:

Saturday 2017-02-04 / H.1308 (Rolin)
10:30Python Winding Itself Around DatacubesPeter Baumann
11:00MSS - Software for planning research aircraft missionsReimar Bauer
11:30The power of duck typing and linear algrebra Julien Tayon
12:00It's time for datetimeMario Corchero
12:30Webpush notifications for KintoMansimar Kaur
13:00TankerBertrand Chenal
13:30OSINT Tools for Security AuditingJosé Manuel Ortega
14:00rinohtype - the Python document processorBrecht Machiels
Sunday 2017-02-05 / UD2.120 (Chavanne)
09:00Introduction to PandasSahil Dua
09:30Python and "the SOLID principles"Jonathan Slenders
10:00Storing metrics at scale with GnocchiJulien Danjou
10:30SelinonFridolín Pokorný
11:00Hacking midi devices with StepPyYann Gravrand
11:30GrimoireLabJesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona
12:00Script the Web with WeboobFrançois Revol
12:30Python Data Structures implementationFlavien Raynaud
13:00Cloud Native PythonFloris Bruynooghe
13:30Debugging Hung Python Processes with GDBBrian Bouterse
14:00Asynchronous programming with Coroutines in PythonEwoud Van Craeynest
14:30Python and Raspberry PiBen Nuttall
15:00How to run a stable benchmarkVictor Stinner
15:30prompt_toolkitJonathan Slenders
16:00asynctestMartin Richard
16:30Introduction to pyasn1Ilya Etingof


Université Libre de Bruxelles
Campus de Solbosch
Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 50
1050 Bruxelles

You can find more information on PythonFOSDEM

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