PyCon France 2017

PyCon France is the annual Python Conference in France for the French Community, and this year, the conference will be in Toulouse, a town in the south of France, from 21st to 24th September.

and for PyConFR 2017, I submitted 3 talks, and they have been accepted:


  1. Talk: “Va débugger ton Python!”
  2. Talk: “Django, d’un cauchemar à un rêve, avec de Bonnes Pratiques”
  3. Talk: “As-tu déjà pensé à contribuer à CPython”

“Va débugger ton Python!”

English: “Go and debug your Python!”

In this talk, I will explain how to debug your Python script with your underestimated debugger, in this case, gdb but of course, I will show pdb and others tools. If you think the print() function is your best friend, then this talk is for you, because gdb is really awesome.

  • pdb
  • gdb

“Django, d’un cauchemar à un rêve, avec de Bonnes Pratiques”

English: Drango, from nigthmare to dream with best practices

This talk has been showed during the last EuroPython 2017 in Rimini, where I took a real use-case, and started to dissect a web site written with Django. In fact, it can be with Django or with another tool, but the most important thing, this talk is just a bunch of good tools for your help.

  • dev server
  • profiling
  • testing
  • best practices

The slides in English, from EuroPython

“As-tu déjà pensé à contribuer à CPython”

English: Hey, let’s contribute to CPython

And the last one, maybe the most important for me, because I love CPython, in this talk, I will share my experience with CPython, and will explain how to contribute to CPython, by Code, by Documentation or just with a conference (this one).

I will explain the difference with the old tool chain (b.p.o and the old-way for the patches), now we have Github and it’s awesome.

And with this talk, I would like to organize a Sprint about CPython on Friday 22nd September.

See you there,