I think I am just frustrated because I don’t have time to share my experience or just continue to contribute to several open source projects. For example, I love to develop with Python and like to contribute to this awesome language but I don’t have time and I am just frustrated with that.

Usually, I work for my customers and when I have time, I try to contribute and it’s really difficult because you have your job, your family and a lot of external things (Sport, …). In fact, I think you know this situation where you want to contribute but it’s just impossible because a day it’s just 24 hours and no more.

So, from today, I will share my experience about Python, programming and a lot of stuff, but regularly, firstly, one article every two weeks. That will be difficult because I need to find time for the redaction of an article, but without that I will continue to be frustrated and I don’t want to do a burn-out because of that.

Share my experience and receive your feedback.

Now, an other point, French is my mother language but I will continue to write in English because it is a challenge.