Weekly Update

In General

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Started to use pytest-odoo from camptocamp for the tests with Odoo. So, I don’t like some stuffs and I think to submit fixes.

I worked on a cookiecutter template for Odoo, you have to give a json file to the command and this one will generate a fully installable addon for Odoo 12.

Wednesday, I was sick on the morning :( headache, I stayed and worked at home.

Thursday, because I have a lot of fixtures for Django and because I have to convert them to the Odoo XML, I need to develop a script for that. I have played with Bonobo. It’s a powerful ETL written in Python, and of course I wanted to use.

Friday morning, just play with a new converter, from csv to the Odoo XML format, in one hour, you have a runnable solution.

About Python

Of course, I have fixed small issues and I continued to work on my “awaiting changes” pull requests.

On Friday evening, I will take a plane, destination Bratislava in Slovakia 🇸🇰 for PyCon Slovakia. I will present my talk “What’s new in Python 3.7?” (you can check the schedule). I am happy, that will be my first time in Slovakia, new country for me and I will discover the culture and the 🐍 Python community.

For the second time this year, I am invited by the organizers, I am really happy.