Weekly Update


  • Move to my office for online meetings
  • Create a new micro-service with FastAPI
  • Experiment Elassandra (ElasticSearch and Cassandra)
  • Play with VueJS and Vuetify
  • Onboarding of a new colleague

Python and the community


  • I was supposed to be in Pittsburgh for PyCon US 2020
  • on Wednesday and Thursday, there was the first online Python Language Summit, organized by Mariatta and Łukasz:
    • Zoom (conference), Sli.do (Q&A session)
    • ~ 50 attendees
    • Talks:
      • All strings become f-string by Eric V. Smith
      • Replacing CPython’s parser with a PEG-based parser by Pablo Galindo, Lysandros Niolaou, Guido van Rossum
      • A formal specification for the (C)Python virtual machine by Mark Shannon
      • HPy: a future-proof way of extending Python by Antonio Cuni
      • CPython Documentation: The Next 5 years by Carol Willing, Ned Batchelder
      • The path forward for typing by Guido van Rossum
      • Property-Based Testing for Python builtins and the standard library by Zac Hatfield-Dodds
      • Core Workflow updates by Mariatta
      • CPython on Mobile platforms by Russell Keith-Magee