Weekly Update


Since January, I have no missions, no customers. There is some reasons. When you work for a customer, it’s funny because you can learn a lof of technologies. But you don’t improve your own processes and you can not learn for yourself.

That’s why since January, I have fixed a lot of things (for my company or at Home) and also started to learn new technologies.

My wife and me are happy with the improvements at Home, that was really simple, but with without time, it’s just difficult.


  • I have migrated the emails of Mgx.io to Google Suite. Why?
    • I don’t need to do the sysadmin
    • Avoid to lose time with the administration. when I compare, I prefer to pay some euros and avoid to lose time with that, this point was really time-consuming.
    • My colleagues can start to use the full Google Suite.

Python and the community


  • Marc-Andre has realized the migration of the blog of EuroPython from Tumblr to a dedicated instance of Ghost. I invite you to see the new blog ;-) For us, members of the communication work group, this point was crucial because last year we have been outage of Tumblr, with a drop from their part.

Python Software Foundation

  • I have received my ballot for the vote of the new #Fellow members of the Python Software Foundation. I need to read the description of candidates and work with them.


  • I have received a new Macbook Pro M1, I try to test the iOS development on this machine, and it’s pretty cool. Excepted the installation of XCode is very slow, I never saw a such installation, at least 1h30 for the installation. The download of XCode 12.4 is very big, 11.6GB but with my connection (400Mbits) it’s not a real problem. After that, there is the installation step and this one is not the fastest ;-)

  • I can say one thing, compared with my previous MacBook Air 2015, this one is really fast.

  • Now, I have two computers for the development, one Lenovo X1 Extreme 2nd Gen (2019) with Linux and this MacBook Pro M1 2020.


Since October, we cannot go to the trainings and it’s frustrating because I practice Karate Shotokan JKA and I can’t see my friends and work with them. We try to work at Home, but the motivation is not there. Since March 2020, we only had 5 months for training.

I hope 2021 will be better but I do not believe it, we will see in the future. I do not know for you and your kids but the Belgian government thinks decreasing the number of practitioners for the trainings (yep, under 13 years old, you can continue to practice your trainings.) under the limit of 10 children.

Hope the best in the future.

See you later and take care.